John Wilson Photography | About

Capturing the image that meets your needs, that gets you excited, that surprises you, that's what I'm about.

I have explored many endeavors in my life, from pizza maker, to AV guy, videographer, actor, customer service trainer, and health care professional. The one pursuit, from day one, that has never left me, has always excited me, is photography.

The joy of looking through the viewfinder and composing that unique face, capturing that soulful performance, or key moment in an event is what motivates me. The pride in delivering special images in a professional and caring way is what I strive for every day.

I began learning photography at a small technical college in Texas in 1977, and over the years have grown my skills and appreciation for several styles of photography; portrait, event, performance, wedding, landscape, actor & business headshots, and nature.

Seems like a lot of different styles, huh? It is, but I make no apologies for liking and trying them all, and for striving to become skilled at them all.  If you are looking for a photographer who communicates well, has worked with families, art directors, actors, CEO's, kids and animals; who has worked for colleges, entertainers, event planners, hospitals, oil companies, lawyers and people just like you, then call me and let me know how I can help make your event memorable!